Due to the influx of diverse influence in the barber culture new and old hairstyles have emerged and have begun to trend in both the younger clientele as well as the mature gentleman. Styles range from contemporary to classic. These include: comb over with and without a hard part, pompadour, and the undercut (made newly famous by Brad Pitt).  Here at The Parlor we strive to stay current with all styles. So if you’re looking to revive your look come in and try a new Hair Style. This includes hair cut along with styling of hair with product which barber will discuss during initial consultation


Our haircuts range from Military Regs to Low Fades. Nobody provides a more prestige cut, because no one is as thorough. No matter what you desire for your look to be we will make sure it exceeds all your needs. All haircuts are finished with a hot lather, straight-razor shave around the neckline and ears.

Our classic hot towel, straight-razor shave is a multi-step process that’s invigorating. First we begin with a facial cleanse followed by the first application of the hot towel. Then we utilize our own in house pre shave oil which softens the hair and prepares the face for the second application of the hot towel. Once the second hot towel is removed we utilize our house shaving soap which generates a thick lather to begin the unforgettable shaving experience. All you have to do is sit back, and enjoy. It’s the perfect method for a gentleman to relax.