Jay R (Master Barber/Owner) has been in the barber industry for over 17 years grabbing his first pair of clippers at age 14 and not putting them down since. Licensed in Virginia he brings his style from Puerto Rico and New Jersey adding a spin to what you would consider normal. His barbering ability is of the highest caliber and his haircuts/hairstyles are impeccable. If you are looking for some one to transform your life, beginning with your hair, then look no further.

Big John – A husband and father of three kids. John has lived in Hampton Roads most of his 34 years. He spent most of his life split between playing in bands and working construction. John decided to go to Barber School at Wards Corner Beauty Academy. After graduating John learned and grew as a barber and developed a strong clientele. As time went on John began looking to take his adventure in barbering into a more traditional direction, at a shop that would enhance the side of barbering that John had always envisioned. He would find exactly what he was looking for at The Parlor. John is a man who loves barbering, the tradition, the history, and the craft. Whether it’s a high & tight bald fade, Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave, or a 40’s era Comb-over with a hard part. Big John will be at the Parlor ready to get you looking right.

Justin, was born in New York, New York and, relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1995.
At a very young age Justin realized he wanted to be able to help and touch the lives of others. In doing so he took up cutting his family and friends hair. Understanding what he wanted to do was pursue a career in the barbering industry Justin, began barber school in 2012.
Upon graduating school he sought a job in the industry and has been offered positions all over Hampton Roads. When he found The Parlor barbershop it was everything he had dreamed. After conversing with the owner Justin began working at The Parlor Barbershop November 2014.

Sean O’Hara is a proud member of The Parlor Barber Shop team with seven years of experience in the trade.  He is a native of Virginia Beach with previous residences in Las Vegas, NV and Baltimore, MD.   Since Sean was a child, he has demonstrated artistic talents with a need to create.  He found his true passion in the art of barbering which stemmed from his appreciation of classic Americana culture.  Sean prides himself on true craftsmanship with an ability to produce vintage gentlemen hairstyles and current fashions. He has a keen ability to offer his clients a wide range of services while listening to their needs.  Sean’s motto is “Stay Looking Sharp” and he has a vast group of clients who can attest to the fact that he is true to his art.  Sean’s interests include classic cars, hot rods, and an appreciation of music.